What I'm doing now

  1. Trying to see if anyone wants to pay me to do stuff. Email me at r@foon.uk if you want to hire a contract software developer.

  2. Trying to decide which of my game project ideas to do next.

This one, maybe? It's a randomly-generated swordy slashy game. retroid

Or this one? Puzzle platformer that doesn't have any graphics yet. sidepuz

Recent stuff

December 2022: I've released Hapland Trilogy on steam! This is a remake of some of my old Flash games and has been a long time coming. You can read about the process here. hap

October 2020: I released my game Blackshift. I haven't written a big long thing about how I made it. Maybe I should!


Other places where I am

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The slashy generated game please

By Daniel 4 months, 4 weeks ago

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