Humble Ideas for improving this site from a super star developer

@daniel I like the site so here here are my suggestions, dev-to-dev. The super star dev thing is is meant to be ironic in a very millenial way

  1. A user editing a post should remove likes and comments from that person. I wouldn't want to be the guy "liking a post" that someone then changed to say "Heil Hitler!"
  2. @-mentions should notify the people mentioned in some way. Doesn't have to be conversational DMs. Could just be a search feed that shows all your mentions on a paginated page
  3. consider not overwriting posts but making them available immutably as history to the creator. Maybe make the process opt-in per-post (an archive button perhaps)
  4. Integrate this platform with mastadon
  5. Consider gamifying a bit. Let people "earn" the ability to have more than one post by some metric that indicates they're engaging in the kind of interaction you, Daniel, think benefits the network and its users. With online communication, incentives are destiny.
  6. put some effort in enlisting the help of others. There's a building consensus that Web 2.0 social networks are dying and people are looking for the next thing. This means there are lots of devs who are willing to gamble and spend some time to possibly be employee # 2-100 of what might be the next evolution of the social network.

I hope these suggestions find you in good spirits.

-- Shamari

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Yeah, it does. The site was worm'd. I'm excited what you'll do with your post in the future.

By Qaziquza 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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These are great suggestions. For the time being I’m fixing dark mode and mobile styling. The mentions is a great idea! I can imagine it as a dropdown lis with plenty of scroll. I’m still not sure about erasing comments. I’m considering sorting them by New, and mark coments as old once the post changes. For now I’ll keep development to myself because one of the motives of making this site is to satisfy my need to code chilling in my free time (which is bastly different than coding in an org). I’ll consider it once there’s enough users so that the site needs support. I’m also considering a private inmutable history. I’ll implement it sooner or later because I don’t want illegal stuff on my site happening and then not having any records of it. For now I have that covered with backups, but still I’d prefer to have it stored properly in a table. Thanks for the suggestions!!! Keep writing :)

By Daniel 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Depending on the climate, start it as a push cart. I'd stop by. Or you can come hang at my place.

By LVDOVICVS 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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