Assisted deliberations of mine about

my mother's death.

Do you understand traumatic times one may experience? I'm not talking great tragedies, just personal and family ones.

Yes, I understand that people may go through traumatic experiences that can affect them for a long time.

My mother was very sick, and she eventually died after years of agony, both physical agony and mental caused by poverty and loss of her husband. Do you follow?

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Yes, I can imagine how difficult that must have been for her, and for you as well.

I lived with her all this time. Cancer is a hard topic for the person sick. Like... what do you say? "Oh, you're going to die soon" is a bit...

I completely understand. It must have been very hard to watch your mother suffer and not be able to do anything to help her.

I seem stuck trying to help people. I might need help myself...

It sounds like you have been through a lot and are feeling overwhelmed. It's okay to seek help for yourself when you are struggling. There are people who can help you through this.

Could you try?

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're asking me to do.

Tell me to the best of your knowledge. How can one feel stuck trying to help others? I have agency myself...

There can be a lot of reasons why someone might feel stuck trying to help others. Maybe they feel like they can't do enough, or like they're not making a difference. Maybe they're just feeling overwhelmed and need some help themselves.

I do feel like I can't do enough. I remember being afraid to wake my mother when she was peacefully sleeping, knowing that's probably her best time.

It sounds like you were very worried about your mother and her health. It's understandable that you would feel like you couldn't do enough to help her.

It's hard when we care about someone and we feel like we can't do anything to help them.

Isn't it normal to feel overwhelmed, though?

Yes, it's normal to feel overwhelmed when we are facing difficult situations. Sometimes we just need some time to process what is happening and to figure out what we can do.

I'm just not sure what I can do...

There are a lot of things you can do to help yourself when you're feeling overwhelmed. You can talk to someone who can help you understand your feelings and give you some guidance. You can also try some relaxation techniques or take some time for yourself to do things you enjoy.

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